Villa and Sea in Greece

This painting goes around an angled wall. The arched window on the right is real, and leads to a bath. Standing at the entrance to the room, the floor seems to be one continuous area.

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This was a really fun painting to do because I had never before worked on an angled wall, and the perspective was a little tricky. It’s in a sunroom, with a great green tile floor, and the large arched window on the right leads to the master bath, and a huge soaking tub. before of mural of villa and sea in greeceIt’s unusual and luxurious, and such a sunny and warm space that a fishing harbor in Greece immediately came to mind when I saw it. I have never been to Greece, and neither had the homeowner, but that’s why murals are fun- they bring a fantasy world into your everyday life!

I wanted to emphasize the beautiful arched window, so I decided to copy it, and give the room double the impact. The floor was another great feature, so I wanted to expand that and draw more attention to it.floor in mural of villa and sea in grece A mural can not only change a room and provide a focal point, but it can also really work to emphasize the good features that are already in a room, making the most of the architectural or decorating details that you love.

The surrounding walls were faux-finished in a plaster effect, very subtle, with hints of blue, pink and yellow to create a bright sunlight feel. The painted arched entrance to the dark corridor draws the eye further into the painting.dark arch in greece mural These French doors are real and lead to the master bedroom. The grapevines, ocean, fishing boat and rocky coastline with a village in the distance, all feel very Greek, while the trompe l’oeil details of the wine, wineglass and napkin create a sense of intimacy. They are just sitting on the wall, ready for you to experience a relaxing afternoon sipping wine and enjoying the view. The mural is personalized by copying the label of the clients’ favorite wine on the bottle. Did you notice the electrical outlet just below the napkin? In spaces where there is a lot of traffic, I usually leave the outlet covers unpainted, so they can be cleaned easily, but whenever possible I like to hide them within the painting. They do have a several coats of an acrylic sealer to protect bottle and napkin close-up in greece mural