Train in Boy`s Bedroom

This mural was for a little boy who loves trains more than anything else in the world.

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This mural was designed for the bedroom of a little boy who is crazy for trains. I began with painting a faux sky with clouds on all the walls. This effect makes the room seem large, bright, and well, AIRY, and is appropriate for so many applications. It makes a great base for a mural or many decorative accent paintings, like flowers and gardens.  It works in children’s rooms, dining room, family rooms and bathrooms- anyplace that would benefit from an “open’ feeling.
    The actual train design was adapted from one of the boy’s favorite books, and was painted around a corner edge in the room to give it more depth and interest.train painted around corner The number on the train was the boy’s age, and consequently his favorite number at the time.
train number close-upThe parents have me come back every year to repaint the number on his birthday- a really fun idea, and it only takes me a few minutes. Anyone could use this idea –stenciling the new number on would be a simple thing to do. A caboose is painted on the opposite wall.   Another wall has paintings of planes to round out the transportation theme, and keep the whole train thing from being too much. The mural elements are all painted with water-based acrylic craft paints, and the final painting is sealed with a flat finish acrylic sealer for durability.  The walls can be cleaned with a damp cloth- really important in a little boy’s bedroom!plane in boy's bedroom