Pink Orchid

This flower was painted for an adopted Chinese daughter. In the Chinese culture, orchids are good luck, but they are a beautiful addition for any reason.

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    In the Chinese culture, orchids are symbols of good luck. For one of my clients who adopted a daughter from China we were looking for ways to decorate the nursery, incorporating the baby's Chinese heritage, while keeping the room feminine and soft. We chose the pink orchid and bamboo stalks because they would continue to be appropriate as their daughter grew up- not too childish for a ten or twelve year old.The orchid design came directly from a book about flowers, I just changed the colors to soft pinks. The pot design was adapted from a picture of a pot I found in stencil catalog. The design was painted directly on the wall using water-based acrylic craft paints. I chose to put it directly above the heating vent because it seemed like a natural little "shelf" space, and I knew it wouldn't disrupt furniture placement. I wanted the orchid to be low on the wall so it would be eye level for the crawling baby or with pink orchid and bamboo
    Bamboo stalks were also painted around the room to balance the design- creating height and a vertical element. The bamboo was done in lightly metallic greens and browns, giving it a lovely shimmer, making it more three-dimensional. I decided not to add shadows to the bamboo stalks because the metallic effect made the design complex enough- shadows would only have made the design too busy.bamboo stalks
    There are also several lady bugs sprinkled around the room, as they are also a symbol of luck in China, and they are very little-girly! The client was lucky to find an old chest of drawers that had bamboo details at a used furniture store . It was refinished, painted with a cream -colored pearlized paint, and the bamboo accents were painted to match the bamboo stalks on the walls. Finally, dragonfly accents were added to the chest and in several places on the walls- they just seemed to work, and the client loves dragonflies.bamboo chest of drawers