Shelf and Pansies

The shelf in this accent is painted to match other custom moldings in the home.

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Probably the most dramatic feature of many new homes is the two-story entrance foyer. It’s also probably one of the greatest decorating dilemmas. Although it seems like an obvious place for an interesting plant, wreath or artwork, there are problems to consider. The height makes it very inconvenient to water a plant. Slamming of the front door makes it tricky to keep dried flowers from dropping, and artwork from hanging lopsided. Painting directly on the wall here is a clever solution, and I can say that in all modesty because it was the builder’s idea! Guests notice it immediately when they stand in the foyer to talk or remove their coats, and it’s the last impression they have as they leave your home, so it makes a big impact.

The trim style of the shelf matches the trim on the fireplace in the adjoining living room, providing a nice continuity, as well as highlighting the beautiful architecture. The flowers are colorful, but not too strong, so it doesn’t overpower the space. Everything is carefully shadowed to make it stand out and seem as realistic as possible. The possibilities are endless…baskets, ceramic or clay planters, shelves, hanging plants, and any kind of flowers or greenery the homeowner enjoys.long shot of pansies shelf above doorshelf above door moulding detailshelf above door pansiesdetail of ivy painted on baseboard