Leopard Stool

Favorite animal chic as a home accent.

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This stool is my favorite piece of furniture that I have painted. I love that the design is primarily on the legs, with just the very simple embellishment on the seat of the stool. You can see the most beautiful part of the stool even when someone is sitting on it! I get my design ideas from all kinds of sources, this time my 10-year-old daughter insisted I paint just a curved tail on the seat, and everyone seems to love it. leopard stool seat close-up

The legs were painted with several shades of tan and gold acrylic craft paint, just sort of mushing paint around and together to create a base color with variation. For the spots, I used a small, flat bristle brush, about 1/8 inch wide, and just squiggled it on its side, making sort of horseshoe shapes. I chose dark brown and black paints, and alternated dipping the corners of the brush in each. The centers of the spots were done with a  small, soft round brush, dipped in two shades of orange paint. Some of the spots are actually just wobbly dots in clusters. 
leopard stool dots close-up Using a very dry fan brush, I flecked the edges of the wet spots lightly to create a fur effect. The curved leopard tail on the tail was done with the same technique, using the fan brush to extend the sides of the tail into individual looking hairs.

The rungs were painted shiny gold for drama and elegance.  These could be spray painted before doing any of the other painting for speed and simplicity. Finally, each leg was taped off and painted with a 1 inch gold stripe at the bottom, to pull the accents together.  This leopard design would work on any piece of furniture, in any size- just imagine a chest of drawers or an armoire with this design!