French Rooster Stool

Created for a Provence-themed kitchen.

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French country decorating has become so popular that it became important that find a design that would work in that style. Add to that the continuing popularity of chickens and roosters, and my french country rooster stool was born. I chose a 30 inch new, unpainted and unfinished stool from AC Moore, then sanded it very lightly. I detest sanding, so I only do it if it's absolutely necessary. I painted it a country gray-blue, but decided to go with a sunny yellow for the rungs of the stool, to give it a more casual, country feel.

The rooster design was painted in water-based acrylic craft paints. I used Apple Barrel brand, but sometimes choose Folk Art brand, depending on my color needs. I decided long ago that mixing colors was time consuming and frustrating-it could take quite some time to exactly match a color I had mixed a day or two earlier. Usually the craft paint color variety is more than adequate- one of the 20 or so shades of yellow should work fine!french country rooster stool vertical french country rooster stool close-up

My favorite part was painting the feathers- all the different colors, and fluid strokes of the feathers were fun to do . I took the border design from some authentic Provence fabric that I have- it seemed to really make the whole design very "french." After allowing the design to dry for several hours, I used clear spray paint- two coats- as a sealer. It's less expensive and much faster and easier to work with than a brush-painted sealer, and goes on in just minutes. You do have to allow the stool to dry, then flip it over to make sure you get every area, but no sanding is required between coats if you do it within a couple of hours, and there are no brushes to clean. When it is completely dry, I recommend adding self-leveling feet, as these stools are usually not perfectly even, and the feet also help to protect your floor.