Bagels and Cream Cheese

A closer look at the Bagel Chair.

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This client found a kitchen table and chair set at a flea market and decided to build her kitchen décor around this retro theme. She’s a coffee addict, so much of the decorating was coffee-themed, including a really cute wallpaper border with coffee cups. First the metal chairs were cleaned using trisodium phosphate (TSP) to remove any traces of dirt and grease. They were spray-painted with a primer, and then we painted them with two coats of the butter-yellow semi-gloss paint that was used on the kitchen walls. We didn’t want to beat the coffee cup theme to death, so we chose some of her favorite go-with-coffee foods, and did realistic paintings on the backs of the chairs, using water-based acrylic paints. The checkerboard pattern helped to unify the two designs, diner chairs cherry pieand was taken from her new kitchen curtains.diner chairs bagels Finally the braided seat pads were painted on the seats- much easier to clean than traditional seat coverings! These were shadowed and highlighted for a realistic effect. The chairs were then painted with three coats of a low gloss acrylic spray coating, for a smooth finish and easy cleaning.diner chairs seat cushion