Branches and Berries

A simple and elegant finish in a modern setting, just the right amount of color and line for this room.

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Here I had a gorgeous brand new home with very clean lines and an almost contemporary, uncluttered style. A huge blank canvas, but the homeowners wanted to keep that uncluttered and clean feel, while creating drama, interest and warmth. The walls had been painted a light putty tone, not exactly gray or tan, but a sophisticated combination of the two. The woodwork was a pure, sparkling white. All that was needed was a little softening around the edges, some graceful lines and a few tiny shots of color.

The windows and doors look out on beautiful views, so I just bridged the gap between the outdoors and indoors with delicate tall branches. I added some dark green leaves, and a few little burgundy berries to complement the upholstery colors in the room. As it would be with real branches, there are more towards the bottom, becoming more sparse going higher up on the wall. These colors and style worked especially well with the natural stone floor.
delicate branches and berries painted on wall
The painting was drawn onto the woodwork in a few random places, just to keep it flowing and natural, and more connected to the view. These areas on the woodwork had to be coated with a polyurethane sealer for durability.