Bedroom Mural for Girl Who Loves Animals

This mural was designed to include all her favorite animals, including the family cat and the dog she would like to have!

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    This mural was designed for a little girl who just loves all kinds of animals. The room had recently been painted a sort of lavender /periwinkle, so we decided to go with it-making a nice change from sky blue but still a great background for an outdoor scene.
    The willow tree is soft, feminine, and adds huge impact to the room.  It doesn’t hurt that it feels like a little girl could hide under it! When looking through my portfolio, clients who are planning a girl’s bedroom almost always stop at this picture and want to incorporate this willow tree into their design. I have probably painted this willow tree more often than any other design element in my work!
    Initially it seemed like the window would be a problem, but this was the only wall the scene could fit on and still get a bed into the room, so it had to go there. Eventually we decided it had been a case of serendipity, because the willow tree actually looked really cool going around the window.
    Daisies happen to be this girl’s favorite flower, so I added a whole field of daisies, and included all the animals she asked for- a squirrel, turtle, and a little white dog, as well as butterflies, bees and ladybsquirrel in animal muralugs. Notice that the electrical outlet is just painted right into the mural. There is even a little “tail end” of a squirrel peaking out from a knot in the tree trunk.butterfly close-up On the opposite wall there is a morning glory-covered birdhouse with a bluebird and the family cat lying peacefully at its base. I always like to picture this happy little girl, sitting under her cozy willow tree, surrounded by all of the daisies and her favorite animal friends!poodle and turtle close-upbirdhouse and morning glories
sqirrel tail close-up