Arched Beach Window

This entire window with beach and ocean is a trompe l`oeil painted effect on a flat wall. It was designed for a room that had only one window, to enlarge and brighten the space. The architecture and moldings match the other window in the the room.

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This painting is in a bedroom – a beautiful large room with great proportions and a vaulted ceiling.  It has French doors into the master bath and double doors at both the entrances and the walk-in closet.  Unfortunately, there is only one window in it.  arched beach window beforeThe window is big, with an arched topper, so we decided to copy that design on an adjacent wall for balance.  To create the relaxing escape effect the homeowner wanted, we made the scene to be viewed from  window a beach with a fluffy clouded blue rsky. 

I matched all the details of the woodwork, and even used the semigloss latex paint used on the real wookwork so the color and gloss would match perfectly.  The window is flung part of the way open to look casual and allow the imaginary breeze to come in.  beach window arch detail

The window pane area is overpainted with a high gloss clear acrylic, to create the reflection of an actual window.  The hardware is also designed to match the rest of the  room, actually in the whole house for that matter.  The shadowing throughout the painting helps with the 3-dimensional effect.

The beach and the water's edge were designed to show little movement.  It seems more realistic to me to just slightly suggest movement - not to have big waves crashing on the beach.  If you glance at a trompe l'oieil painting, you should be fooled for just an instant.  Adding details that suggest big movements only make it harder to create that illusion - its all destroyed when nothing actually moves after a few seconds.arched beach window reflection