Arched Window with Roses and Ferns

Ferns and flowers really highlight the shape of this accent window.

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This window is a great example of painting designed to highlight architecture or a special feature in a room. This beautiful arched window sits above the doorway in the foyer, and almost gets lost because of its high placement. It has a fantastic view, as well. This client also wanted the basket of roses and flowers directly above the door, basket with flowers and fernsso we had to be careful not to compete with that design or overwhelm the space. We chose the main elements of the basket design, and just added them delicately and sparingly around the window, just to emphasize the shape and draw more attention to the beautiful view. It's a very soft and flowing effect,and the colors were chosen to complement other decorating elements in the clients' foyer. wrought iron mirror with fernsflowers around window close-up