Paris Shops

Another wall in the same French themed room. These shops are a hat shop and a bakery. The wall is first finished in "Tuscan Plaster."

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This mural is a companion piece to the Street in Paris.  It’s in the same family room, on a wall perpendicular to the other mural.  The hat shop and patisserie, or bakery, patisserie sign paris shops muralare painted directly on doors which lead to a storage room and laundry facilities. before view of paris shops muralThe awnings over each store “window” help to create the 3-dimensional effect. I chose the awning designs from a website advertising awnings specially made for businesses. There is also an awning over the wine shop in the Street in Paris mural, so it helps to tie the two together and further the feeling that you are actually walking down a street of shop awning paris street mural
    It’s a little bit tricky to paint on the doors because they are not flat, but the results are worth the effort.  The patisserie window backdrop was done using an old lace tablecloth as a stencil, lace close-up paris shops muraleliminating the need to show the whole inside of the shop, and creating a more or less neutral base for all the color of the pastries and breads. The ideas for the bakery items were suggested by clip art images of baked goods, as well as cookbook illustrations.strawberry cake in paris shops mural
    The background of the hat shop window was kept dark, to create a contrast with the bakery, and also to provide a more dramatic frame for the various flamboyant hats and accessories. This awning may be my favorite element in this painting (I keep coming back to these awnings!). hat shops awning paris shops muralI think it gives the whole room a sort of festive flair, reminding you that these paintings are all about fun and imagination.  The leopard hat and gloves are another favorite part- I just think the faux fur is cool. leopard hat and gloves paris shops mural 
    The twisted topiary between the shops is another fun touch, and also furthers the 3-dimensional punch. topiary paris shops muralOnce again, the clients’ sense of humor comes into play, with the hat shop sign. “Haute Chapeau” translates to “high hat”, chosen because the client is a drummer.hat shop sign paris shops mural Both windows were given bits of white highlight to mimic the shine of glass, but were also painted with a high gloss acrylic sealer for shine, while the rest of the mural was sealed with a flat acrylic sealer.far shot paris shops mural