This media room is clean and simple but sophisticated. The movie theme silhouettes here and on the next slide are dramatic and fun without being distracting.

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This is one of my favorite paintings because the homeowners were open to letting me try something different- really simple and dramatic. It's a media viewing room, and the shell of the room was so crisp and clean with the coffee colored walls and glossy white wainscotting and trim, I just didn't want to junk it up! The black of the high-tech equipment just seemed to want company-more crisp black images, nothing bright, colorful or distracting.

I just loved the idea of a whole theamovie silhouettes close-upter audience sitting behind you as you watch a camera, directors chair and clapboardmovie, sharing the experience, but nobody talks or drops popcorn and candy wrappers on the floor.  It took me a little time to figure out how to suggest several rows of seats using only black paint, but suddenly the idea of using the wallcolor as light outlining seemed obvious. corner view movie silhouettesAs I worked on the rows of seats, I had to remember that perspective was still important, and that the seats would seem smaller as the rows got further away. As a movie buff, I was thrilled to be able to add the director's chair, camera, and clapboard to the adjacent wall.  The film loops around the doorway just pull it all together.
film loops around doorway in movie mural