Ideas and Examples...

Faux Finishes, Trompe l'oeil, Murals, and other artistic and decorating techniques

Image Title Description
Tuscan Countryside from Stone WindowThis mural visually enlarges a dining room with an Italian courtyard theme. The walls were first finished in our "Tuscan Plaster" faux treatment. The plant and table with serving items are real.
French Doors onto GardenThe doors, woodwork,and garden are all painted on a flat wall. This was designed to mimic the opposite wall of windows and balance the space. Notice the vent in the lower left of the photo. The room was first finished in a simple 2-color faux finish.
Street in ParisA preview to a dream vacation...the whole room has a french flair.Note how the tile floor seems to extend into the mural, adding to the multidimensional effect.
Paris ShopsAnother wall in the same French themed room. These shops are a hat shop and a bakery. The wall is first finished in "Tuscan Plaster."
Arched Beach WindowThis entire window with beach and ocean is a trompe l`oeil painted effect on a flat wall. It was designed for a room that had only one window, to enlarge and brighten the space. The architecture and moldings match the other window in the the room.
Villa and Sea in GreeceThis painting goes around an angled wall. The arched window on the right is real, and leads to a bath. Standing at the entrance to the room, the floor seems to be one continuous area.
the VisitorDesigned for a client with a love of the Italian Renaissance, this painting turns an ordinary bedroom wall into a scene from a romance novel! The plant and dresser are real, the railing and curtains are painted.
LighthouseBring total relaxation to your house. This photo shows a corner of a mural which covers all the walls in the room in a beach scene, making the room feel large and sunny.
Dunes...reflects a favorite vacation spot.
Beach Umbrella with TowelThe striped towel is painted directly on the wainscoating.
A Hat RackThese hats and umbrella embellish a wall in an English pub-style rec room. The peg rack up to the green hat is real. The exposed brick areas were placed all around the room to contribute to the atmosphere.
SilhouettesThis media room is clean and simple but sophisticated. The movie theme silhouettes here and on the next slide are dramatic and fun without being distracting.
Camera and Director`s ChairLights, Camera, - Action!
Baseball GameThis painting was created for the love of baseball. Done in sepia tones, it makes an understated conversation piece in the company conference room. Incorporating the faces of the owners make it even more personal.
Cat on the BeachA favorite pet was included in a painting designed to highlight a whirpool corner tub.
Pittsburgh MemoriesThese clients are never far from all the elements they love about their favorite city.
Garden with RosesAnother corner tub, this time conveying an open garden with soft breezes.
Tuscan CourtyardEvery time this dining room is used, its like an al fresco vacation experience. Many of the details were specifically chosen by the client. See the next page for more...
Tuscan Veranda Chair and BooksThese books are some of the family favorites, and the chair design was chosen from a magazine.
Western TownThis client wanted to recreate the ultimate Wild West experience in his rec room. The next four slides illustrate parts of this room. Only the wooden barnsiding wall coverings are not painted.
A View into the BarnIncorporating photos of friends into the painting was alot of fun for the client. Actually, the hat on the left is real.
Gunslinger and IndianThe client was delighted to be a desperado in his own town!
Western BathroomThe atmosphere of an outhouse, but all the comforts of a modern bath!
Do You Feel Lucky, Punk?Painted from a small statue that was the inspiration for the entire project!
Bedroom Mural for Girl Who Loves AnimalsThis mural was designed to include all her favorite animals, including the family cat and the dog she would like to have!
Train in Boy`s BedroomThis mural was for a little boy who loves trains more than anything else in the world.
Planes in Boy`s BedroomThese planes were painted to go with the train mural.
Mermaid TableThis 3 foot diameter whimsical mermaid table was painted to be a centerpiece for a Florida foyer.
Kitchen Chairs in Coffee Retro KitchenThese chairs were painted to complement a coffee motif in a retro kitchen. The seatpads will never slide off!
Cherry Pie and Haagen DazsA closer look at the Cherry Pie chair.
Bagels and Cream CheeseA closer look at the Bagel Chair.
Pine TableA flea-market pine table was pickled, crackled, and painted with fruit and a sophisticated line detail. Five coats of polyurethane make it durable enough for a family to use everyday.
Fern Leaf Plant StandThis plant stand, acquired at a garage sale, is transformed into a piece that compements other accents in the room.
Table Matching Wallpaper BorderThis end table design was created to perfectly match the room`s wall paper border.
Frog StoolDesigned for a client who collects frogs, this stool is a really fun accent.
French Rooster StoolCreated for a Provence-themed kitchen.
Leopard StoolFavorite animal chic as a home accent.
Marbleized MantleThis marbleized mantle is a fun restoration of a broken down old piece found in the basement.
Shelf and RosesThis shelf and flower arrangement are filling an awkward high space above an entryway. No watering or dusting!
Shelf and PansiesThe shelf in this accent is painted to match other custom moldings in the home.
Octagon Window with Trumpet VineTrumpet vines help to highlight this unusual window and create interest without overwelming a small powder room.
Sky with Hummingbird VinesA sunrise sky and hummingbird vines make this unusual octagon ceiling truly stunning!
Bikini and Starfish AccentA powder room imitating a beach cabana - A series of accents in this powder room lends some fun and personality to the room. The hook and bikini are faux, as are the starfish and net above the wainscoat.
Flippers and GogglesThe welcome sign is real, the flippers and goggles are painted.
Exposed BrickFaux bricks and cracks make plain beige walls more interesting...
Film LoopsFilm reels winding around the doorway make movie rentals a special event!
Basket over Door Again filling the awkward space above a front door, this basket coordinates with some other decorating elements in the home.
Mirror with FernsThis artwork lends depth and interest to a mirror with wrought iron details. The painting is subtle, but really completes the effect, while softening the hard lines of the ironwork.
Arched Window with Roses and FernsFerns and flowers really highlight the shape of this accent window.
Pink Orchid This flower was painted for an adopted Chinese daughter. In the Chinese culture, orchids are good luck, but they are a beautiful addition for any reason.
Lemon LeavesThese lemons add a fun spot of color and some visual interest , drawing more attention to the mirror.
Branches and BerriesA simple and elegant finish in a modern setting, just the right amount of color and line for this room.
"Textured" StairwayA faux textured finish is far more dramatic than a solid color or wallpaper, hides marks, and can easily be cleaned.
Steps and Second FloorAnother view of the same finish.
3 Color WashA perfect finish for an area that gets alot of wear and tear.
Tuscan Plaster with Countryside MuralThe whole room transports you to another place by combining the wall finish with the appropriate artwork.
Tuscan PlasterThis finish is perfect when you want a Mediterranean feel, and provides the illlusion of texture on a flat wall.
Marbleized MantleThis marbleized mantle is a fun restoration of a broken down old piece found in the basement.
Rag RollingA two color finish that is a little bolder, but still provides a surprisingly elegant finish when done in colors that are similar to each other.
Sunrise SkyThis clouded sky at sunrise makes the ceiling seem to disappear, expanding the room even further. The colors change throughout the day, as the sun moves around the room.
SimplicityOur quickest and least expensive faux finish, "Simplicity" uses just two colors, but provides depth and texture- also hides marks and cleans easily. It makes a great background to accent paintings.