This gallery section shows photos of examples of lots of ways to create stunning faux finish effects on your walls using paint. Faux finishes are just simulated effects designed to create an illusion. The goal is to simulate a real looking finish, but it’s just a fake, done with paint. Remember, though, we never use the word ‘fake”—it sounds so much cooler and more sophisticated to say ”faux.” The samples can be a simple method, in a two-color design, a fairly easy three-color design like Tuscan faux plaster, or complex, like the very realistic look of aged leather. This collection includes pictures of faux finishes that also provide the perfect base for a mural, helping to tie the room together, by integrating the mural into the rest of the walls. Most kinds of Faux finishes are cheaper than wallpaper, and can be more customized because you choose all the colors to match or coordinate exactly with your décor needs. These illustrations offer suggestions of ways to personalize your room with many types of techniques and style. The finishes can camouflage walls in poor condition, will usually not show dirt or wear very much, and are easy to clean. If you want a change, there are endless ideas to just paint over them, without the hassle of stripping and no sanding, in many cases. You can achieve really bold statements, or get the most subtle and elegant effects- just by choosing colors carefully. The possibilities and combinations are endless. Faux finishes are great do-it-yourself projects because you can achieve very artistic results with just a little practice. Experiment with a whole new look for just a few quarts of paint and a few hours of your time. Faux finishes can also be used to restore or rejuvenate furniture.